Moran Sofas

Classic Living

Moran Classic Living - Sorrento

Moran Classic Living - Bellevue

Mode by Moran - Dartford


Mode by Moran  

Moran Modern Living - Hyatt

Mode by Moran - Avenue

Moran Modern Living - Carlo


Moran Modern Living - Britannia

Moran Modern Living - Brooklyn



Signature Series

Moran Signature Series - Boston

Moran Signature Series - Merry Widow

Moran Signature Series - Salisbury

Moran Signature Series - Wellington

Moran Signature Series - Romsey


Active Comfort    

Moran Active Comfort - Baldwin

Moran Active Comfort - Concord

Moran Active Comfort - Manchester



Active Comfort Studio Chair

Moran Active Comfort Studio Chair - Sturtevant




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Bespoke Furniture

From the 70's through to the early 2000's, Conci Furniture was a name you could trust for Bespoke Furniture at the highest standards.

In 2014 Alexander Conci is carrying on that proud family tradition under his own company, Lupo Furniture. If you are interested in truly inspirational Bespoke furniture, then arrange an appointment with Alexander to discuss your ideas. Conci Furniture: Phone 8443 5224.